Culture Blender’s 15 Best Albums of 2020

2020 was…a year. It’ll be remembered for some historic ups and downs (mostly downs), but amongst it all there was music for us to cling to. Music that made our hearts sing. Music that gave us hope. Music that grounded us despite the state of our world, and music that addressed it. Music that – we’llContinue reading “Culture Blender’s 15 Best Albums of 2020”

The RS 500 Shitlist

Recently Rolling Stone magazine revamped their famous 500 Greatest Albums of All-Time list, with the addition of 154 albums not previously featured in past versions of the list. With a continually expanding musical cannon, it’s always exciting to see a more diverse crop of newer and deserving entries placed in the discussion of the greatestContinue reading “The RS 500 Shitlist”

See What We’re Hearing: Dr. Dre, The Strokes, and More

Here at Culture Blender we’re big proponents of the album format. Streaming has made it easy to pick and choose tracks for playlists and we’re all for it, but at the end of the day each artist sequenced those tracks and put them out together as an album to create a cohesive artistic statement –Continue reading “See What We’re Hearing: Dr. Dre, The Strokes, and More”