The SuperVillain

By Kevin Gordon My first exposure to MF DOOM was a similar experience to many of his fans, I’m sure.  Madvillainy was brought to my attention as a classic hip-hop album of the 2000’s; featuring outrageously precise rhyme schemes, sample-heavy production by a genius in their own right, Madlib, and a mysterious gravelly voice withContinue reading “The SuperVillain”

Cannabis Cuts Vol. 7 – Road Trip!

Welcome back to the much belated installment of our sporadically released Cannabis Cuts commentated playlist, a tribute and appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between music and Mary Jane. A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to go on a six hour road trip to the Sierra National Forest with a few friends and weContinue reading “Cannabis Cuts Vol. 7 – Road Trip!”

Cannabis Cuts Vol. 1 – The 4/20 Special

We’re excited to get the Culture Blender site off the ground and bring you content about the music that enriches our lives. Hopefully this offers an outlet for you to find something that enriches your life as well. We figured in honor of the high holiday, today would be no better time than to introduceContinue reading “Cannabis Cuts Vol. 1 – The 4/20 Special”